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Daily Rituals of Creative People: Renée Treml, artist and writer

RT-metroHaving authored and illustrated the animal themed picture books, One Very Tired Wombat, Colour for Curlews and The Great Garden Mystery, it’s no surprise to find out that artist and writer, Renée Treml finds peace by connecting to nature through long walks and taking time to notice the beauty in birds’ nests, feathers and snail trails. But lately most creative ideas come from spending time with her little boy.

“These days a lot of my day-to-day inspiration comes from interactions with my son and his mates,” she explains. “They are so funny and clever and creative.  I also find so much inspiration in the garden, museums, parks and zoos.”

DSC_5710Renée begins her day like many Australian families by eating breakfast with her husband and son and then doing the school drop off. Once home she fits in some exercise before heading to the studio with a cup of tea (green tea with jasmine in the morning, peppermint in the afternoon) and hits her to do list.

“I am a morning person, so I try to tackle tasks that require creativity and brainstorming first thing in the morning – things like storyboarding a book or writing stories.  I am better with editing and fine-tuning later in the day.  Before I had my son, I would be really setback if I missed that morning creative time.  Now I am much more flexible and happy to take work time when I get it.

tc-sooty-owl“I try not to be too hard on myself when I’m feeling unmotivated – it’s really hard to be creative on demand.  Luckily I always have a list of non-creative (boring) things that need to be done in the studio – inventory, stocking up on office supplies, printing labels, web updates, cleaning the studio – so I can still feel productive even when I’m not feeling motivated to create.”

Apart from etching (her preferred artistic medium is scratchboard), drawing and painting, Renée also dabbles in ceramics and sculpture and has taken several courses but admits, “I’m usually the worst one in the class, but there is something great about using both hands to create art.”

RT003PC---Wombat-With-Mariposa-550x377-AAs someone who needs several hours of creative time a day to feel good, Renée is looking forward to what she’ll be able to come up with this year because she has a little more time available to get stuck into some projects. “My son is just starting school this year, so this is the first time in five years that I have large stretches of time available to me.  It’s so exciting and my to do list of backlogged ideas is enormous.”

– Images supplied by Renée Treml.

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